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Do you want to experience a life rich with joy, peace, success, and healthier relationships? Then you must possess an extraordinary psychology. This psychology…this way of seeing yourself, others, and the world around you is of critical importance, and is the most valuable resource you can obtain in this life to ensure that you live the abundant life.

How can you possibly attain this knowledge and understanding, unless you procure it and engage with it on a daily basis? The answer is you won’t. You will likely continue to live the same life, using the same patterns, the same psychology, operating with the same mental blind-spots that have left you wanting for more.

DailyPulse is a 365-day to better thinking, feeling and being, nudging tool that comes directly to your text. Weekly challenges, inspirational podcasts, weekly surveys, and the best wisdom the world has to offer, coming to you daily, for you to digest and adopt into your personal life. Your evolution is the very purpose of life, and the only way you will attain the rich and good life.

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Welcome to Day 1 of DailyPulse. DP is the 365-day to better thinking, feeling, and being. Your psychology is critical to your happiness and relationships.

You'll receive inspiring texts, podcasts, individual surveys, and weekly challenges that will elevate your life. Your investment in personal growth will bless you and your loved ones.

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Week 1 Challenge:

Stand confidently week! This week stand up straight, shoulders back, chin-up, walk confidently, smile more often, and be complimentary. Your behavior impacts your emotions.

Week 1 Podcast:

"Don't Fake it till you make it, Do this instead!" Listen to what Iuri has to say about Master Yoda https://bit.ly/2VbjzYS

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