Did you know that when you begin to measure something, that something begins to improve over time? That is the one of the purposes behind our weekly surveys. You will notice that as you begin to self-monitor your levels of wellbeing and confidence, that these are more likely to grow and expand.

These simple surveys are also meant to increase your emotional IQ and awareness, by providing tips that are meant to boost your mood, and easy to read graphics showing you your responses over time… Genius right?

Raising your awareness can lead to intrinsic change, and more congruent behavior. Aren’t you happy that you are reading this explanation? Enough talking, time to join in!

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Welcome to Day 1 of DailyPulse. DP is the 365-day to better thinking, feeling, and being. Your psychology is critical to your happiness and relationships.

You'll receive inspiring texts, podcasts, individual surveys, and weekly challenges that will elevate your life. Your investment in personal growth will bless you and your loved ones.

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Week 1 Challenge:

Stand confidently week! This week stand up straight, shoulders back, chin-up, walk confidently, smile more often, and be complimentary. Your behavior impacts your emotions.

Week 1 Podcast:

"Don't Fake it till you make it, Do this instead!" Listen to what Iuri has to say about Master Yoda

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